Mindset vs Work Pressure - A deep dive into skill challenges in the industrial workplace
In the vast world of industries, healthcare and manufacturing units may seem worlds apart, but they share a common thread: the relentless pursuit of excellence. In these domains, precision isn't just important; it's non-negotiable. The quest for continuous improvement unites them. It's reassuring to witness that most organizations are committed to Learning and Development (L&D) in their realms. These forward-thinking organizations eagerly accommodate external trainers, fostering a culture of learning that extends beyond their walls. Moreover, they are identifying and nurturing talent at all levels, from enthusiastic newcomers to seasoned executives, embracing the need for growth.

Yet, amidst their commitment, challenges persist. After engaging in conversations with these industries’ workforce, it's abundantly clear that mere commitment alone falls short. Like the industry itself, talent development must also adapt to the ever-evolving nature of the world in which it operates.

Here are the common challenges that these titans grapple with when it comes to employee training and development:

  • Resistance to Learning
L&D authorities and the owners of our research have openly acknowledged a steady rise in    resistance to learning among their workforce over the last decade. The heart of the matter lies in the employees' inability to see the value of learning and development. While this resistance to acquiring new knowledge isn't a recent phenomenon, the era of social media has revolutionized how we assimilate information, prompting a re-evaluation of traditional training methods.

  • Learning amidst busy schedules
On the flip side, employees confess that their reluctance is not towards learning but to the formidable challenge of upskilling and reskilling amidst the whirlwind of their work schedules. Unlike other industries, the healthcare and manufacturing workforces are characterized by their hands-on nature. Their workdays are consumed by active physical labor rather than sedentary desk work. Moreover, many of these professionals work in shifts, making it a daunting challenge to allocate time for learning in their tightly-packed schedules.

  • Budget Constraints
Some organizations are still in their infancy, striving to amass profits hefty enough to invest in departments like L&D. The creation and upkeep of an L&D division, coupled with the development and management of learning materials, require substantial resources. In sectors like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing, where dedicated teams are indispensable, the costs are daunting, especially for those in the early stages of industry establishment.

  • Knowledge Validation
For industries with established L&D departments and standardized learning paths, a new challenge emerges: knowledge validation. While assessments are conducted for most of the training sessions, measuring the effectiveness of knowledge transfer remains a complex puzzle. Trainers, who invest their time and expertise, often find it challenging to quantify their contributions due to the absence of appropriate evaluation metrics.

  • Fostering a Learning Culture
In environments where time is measured in terms of emergencies and target deliveries, fostering a growth mindset is an uphill battle. For these sectors, where targets often take precedence, the mindset can revolve around immediate deliverables and performance. This focus on the present frequently overshadows the long-term benefits of reskilling and upskilling. The challenge lies in helping employees understand that quality learning is the cornerstone of exceptional performance.


At Sitara, our commitment is to craft a learning management system that truly makes a difference, one that's both relevant and highly productive. We are fully invested in research, delving deep to comprehend the challenges our target users encounter. Simultaneously, we're in the trenches, developing a solution that not only addresses these challenges head-on but also fuels a vibrant culture of learning within organizations. Our mission is to empower industries with a comprehensive learning platform that resonates with their employee’s unique dynamics and aspirations, propelling them toward excellence.